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Spring Mountains and Emerald Bamboo: Exploring the Scenery of Northern Zhejiang

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-21      Origin: Site

To further enhance team cohesion and unity within the company, as well as enrich the leisure and cultural lives of our employees, the company's labor union and youth league committee are jointly organized the 2023 themed event "Spring Mountains and Emerald Bamboo: Exploring the Scenery of Northern Zhejiang."

With the foliage in full bloom and picturesque spring mountains in sight, it's truly a slice of earthly heaven in the month of April. As we set out to explore the beauty of a spring day, our first destination was the Huzhou Anji Outdoor Camp, where we engaged in a range of thrilling activities, including F1 go-karting, a colorful slide, tree-top adventures, off-road vehicles, and archery. As the evening descended, the much-anticipated self-service barbecue and bonfire party officially commenced. Following the rhythm of the music, we joined hands, danced around the bonfire, experienced a profound camaraderie among colleagues—a bond built on trust and solidarity. We forgot all about the slight chill in the mountain air as we reveled in the moment.

Amidst the misty woods, it feels like spring in the earthly realm. The next morning, we packed our bags and set off for Northern Zhejiang's Grand Canyon, embarking on a collective journey to explore the springtime beauty of this region.

Sky cycling, cliff swings, the heart-pounding web-famous bridge, time-slides, glass suspension bridges, aerial zip lines... one by one, we experienced these exciting activities. Amidst the adrenaline rush, we also felt the gentle spring breeze on our faces, admiring the stunning spring scenery of Northern Zhejiang's Grand Canyon. We became aware of the unfettered growth of all things in spring, momentarily forgetting the varying degrees of worries that had been on our minds.

As the tour bus gradually departed from Anji, this event came to a beautiful conclusion, and we embarked on our journey back to Hangzhou with many warm memories in our hearts.

During this event, as everyone actively participated and strived to overcome obstacles, challenging themselves along the way, we never forgot to lend a helping hand to one another and mutually inspire progress. This demonstrated excellent teamwork and embodied the core values of "People-Oriented, Responsibility, Partnership, Innovation, and Integration of Knowledge and Action."