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  • 01. What is your company's major products?

    Our company's main scope is Customized Industrial Gases Solution. We can offer Cryogenic Air Separation Plants, VPSA/PSA Plants, and Hydrogen Generator Plants.

    With Cryogenic Air Separation Plants, customers can get high purity gaseouse oxygen (GOX), liquid oxygen (LOX), gaseouse nitrogen (GAN), liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid argon (LAR). 

    VPSA Plant can produce gaseouse oxygen with around 93% purity, PSA Plant can produce gaseouse oxygen or nitrogen.

    H2 Generator Plant can produce H2 through water electrolysis or steam reforming(SMR) technology.

    We can also offer maintenance service and spare parts for these kind of plants.
  • 02. What standards can you follow?

    We can perform EAC, ASME, ISO, DIN, API, IEEC, IEEE, GB, and ALPEMA.

  • 03.What kind of project mode can you offer? EP or EPC?

    We can follow both EP and EPC mode for projects. That depands on clients' requirements.

    Besides, we can also offer financial supporting for these projects. Such as EPC/EP+Build Owing Operation (BOO) mode, with this mode, client can operation the plant and gain profits as soon as the plants erected and pay the instalment payment in the operating years.
  • 04.What does “EPC” mean?

    In the construction industry, EPC is an acronym that stands for Engineering Procurement Construction. EPC is a type of project delivery model (or contract agreement) where contractors are responsible for the project from start to finish. In other words, engineering procurement construction contractors manage the project from initial design and engineering plans all the way through construction and completion of the finished product.
  • 05.Why is EPC a better model for contractors?

    The EPC model streamlines each step of the design/build process. It also allows contractors to specialize in certain types of projects or industries. By gaining niche experience and an established network of subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants, EPC contractors can increase the efficiency of projects while decreasing costs.


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