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  • 01. Are you a manufacture or a trading company?

    We have our own professional design department and production factory. In general, the static equipment (such as column and containers) is produced by our factory and the crucial internal dynamic machine (such as pump) adopts the import brand, which can be customized according to customer needs. Our main role is to efficiently assemble the various structures and spare parts that make up a complete set of equipment, meeting the needs of customers while minimizing costs and energy consumption. 
  • 02. What standards can you follow?

    We can perform EAC, ASME, ISO, DIN, API, IEEC, IEEE, GB, and ALPEMA.

  • 03.What does “EPC” mean?

    In the construction industry, EPC is an acronym that stands for Engineering Procurement Construction. EPC is a type of project delivery model (or contract agreement) where contractors are responsible for the project from start to finish. In other words, engineering procurement construction contractors manage the project from initial design and engineering plans all the way through construction and completion of the finished product.
  • 04.Why is EPC a better model for contractors?

    The EPC model streamlines each step of the design/build process. It also allows contractors to specialize in certain types of projects or industries. By gaining niche experience and an established network of subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants, EPC contractors can increase the efficiency of projects while decreasing costs.
  • 05.Why is EPC beneficial to owners?

    EPC is also incredibly beneficial for clients or owners who hire an EPC firm. A significant benefit of Engineering Procurement Construction contracts is simplified communication; owners only have to connect with the EPC contractor who will then, in turn, disseminate information and manage expectations among all subcontractors. Rather than sourcing, communicating, and managing multiple contracts for various stages of the project, owners only have one point of contact and one responsible party with an EPC contract.
    As mentioned above, an EPC contractor can also typically save an owner time and money with a project. This is because an EPC contractor already has the skilled team and experience that prevents time-consuming errors and expedites project timelines.


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