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Responsibility Management

The implementation of responsibility management has become an important path to achieve sustainable development of the global economy, as well as an important strategic measure for enterprises to adapt to the new normal situation of economic development and enhance their competitiveness. We have strengthened the responsibility management of the project, and focused on promoting the construction of four systems: project responsibility management, project responsibility practice, project responsibility communication and project responsibility communication.

We also have continuously promoted the integration of project responsibility and requirements into the project decision-making and daily operation process, and constantly improved the sustainable development ability of the project. In the project, the automatic control technology is adopted to avoid artificial mis-operation. In the project construction, the communication with the owner is strengthened to avoid accidents. After the equipment is put into production, the operation status of the equipment is actively understood.

Legal Compliance

We, AVIC International Hangzhou, as a state-owned enterprise, leads by example and abides by the laws and regulations of China and the host country where the project is located, respect different cultural customs, and all the behaviors are friendly and polite. In all the processes of projects, that is, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and follow-up services, all our actions are guided by the contents of the contract, and all terms of the contract are fully implemented.

We guarantee that all the equipment we provide is made of new materials, defect-free, in accordance with international standards, made of high-quality materials and processes, and is newly produced after the contract takes effect. In the normal course of projects, there will be no defects caused by improper design, material and technology. 

Responsible for Employees

The value of "people-oriented" adhered by AVIC ensures that every employee can have a healthy and safe working environment in various ways and all rights and interests of employees are respected. The social insurances for the employees in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state are covered perfectly, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, housing fund and serious illness medical insurance. When the employee is sick or injured not due to work, the sick pay and medical treatment would be guaranteed according to the relevant regulations.

AVIC has launched a series of education plans and vocational training for all personnel. The health education and physical examination plan designed for the staff every year help employees better understand the knowledge about personal health and preventive health care. Through technical and skills training, it will benefit the employees’ career and improve their job competitiveness.

Environmental Responsibility

AVIC International Hangzhou has long been focused on the role that we can play in driving improved social and environmental sustainability, across China and other regions we operate in. As a large state-owned enterprise in China, we are proudo fou rongoing commitment to supporting technological innovations, it has brought innumerable benefits to our customers and environment.

We are constantly innovating and building a suite of solutions to support our customers. In recent years, more and more customers demand efficient, environmentally friendly and low energy consumption equipment. We clearly know that this is a difficult balancing act, and the only solution is to rely on new design, new technology development.

For the future market trend, AVIC International Hangzhou firmly believe that, efficient, low energy consumption, low pollution equipment will increasingly become the mainstream of the market. We will continue focus on design and technology innovation, and we sincerely hope and more extensive exchanges and cooperation with industry counterparts.

Social Compliance

While accepting state and social support, we also strive to give back to the society and shoulder the social responsibility that an enterprise should fulfill. In terms of public utilities, we strive to support the development of community education, health, humanistic care, culture and art, urban construction and other projects, and do our part to help communities improve the public environment.

In order to help improve the production and living infrastructure and do a good job of advancing the construction of a beautiful new countryside, we donated a total of 100,000 yuan to Jinyun Charity Federation for the reconstruction of road surface hardening in Yuxi Natural Village, Dayuan Village, Dayuan Town, Jinyun County .


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